Sell Online

eCommerce for retailers


Many ways to sell

Take advantage of our eCommerce solution to sell everywhere.

Online store

Create an online catalog of your retail product and sell with ease.

Mobile app

Your store on mobile channel with native iOS and Android App.

Facebook stores

Sync your online store with facebook stores dynamically.

Go International

Sell on eBay, Amazon, Wish, Etsy and other marketplaces.


Sell Online

We bring an ultimate shopping experience for retailers using industry-leading performance and stability technology to engage shoppers and bring more sales.


Digital Transformation

Building a digital sales channel requires a clear goal, technology and effective implementation management. We are eCommerce Advisors to accelerate your digital success.


  • E-commerce Strategy
  • Cross-channel Strategy
  • Business Planning
  • Marketplace Strategy

Passion and dedication

We go above and beyond to deliver results for our customers.


Brands & People

Digital transformation is here and marketing is a key element. We make your brand connect with your target audience.


Account Manager

Get a dedicated account manager to track and evaluate sales performance against volume, promotions, product catalog and transactions efficiently.


  1. Reduce data entry errors
  2. Less duplication of effort
  3. Speed up order cycle
  4. Better customer services
  5. Streamline online operations 

Responsive Web Design

Modern eCommerce

 We provide Enterprise-class technology for mid-class retail business.


Your online store design fits perfectly in all mobile devices providing a pleasant experience to customers.

Easy shipping

We provide you with best Eco-friendly shipping solution for 24h delivery with customised packaging design and best rates.

Receive payments

We provide payment gateways for Multibanco, MB Way, Credit card, Paypal, ApplePay, Bitcoin and more.

advanced ecommerce

Mission Control

An automated and integrated solution for the entire supply chain, including sales, customer service, accounting, inventory, point of sale and fulfillment. 

ecommerce future

Boooming every year!

Ecommerce in Europe is growing exponentially, especially in the southern countries.

Billions expected during 2017 (€)

Success Case

An engaging digital experience across the entire customer journey

This is a whole new chapter for my eCommerce business. After setting up my first store with PrestaShop CMS we faced a lot of difficulties dealling with the platform and the many modules. Mostly due to lack of knowledge both on IT and marketing our store was stucked. Working with THINK IT made our online business a breeze from the lauch day.

Sofia Gonçalves

Hair Stylist, COSMETICA24

ecommerce consulting

Our Services Packages

Where are you now and where do you want to go?

Start Up

You know about the importance of digitization and wants to be ready an running in no time.

Scale Up

Your e-business is up and running, but you aim for expand it and scale its performance.


Sometimes to innovate it is necessary to completely abandon and rethink an existing business model.

It's time to Reboot your retail business!

Lets meet and discuss the future of your Retail business on internet.

Your partner for advanced eCommerce multi-channel solution.