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Data-based eCommerce

We Keep tracking everything possible.

Analytics for ecommerce

Monitor traffic sources

A powerfull tool to understand shopping activity on any online store.

Search traffic

Traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Referral traffic

Traffic that comes directly from a link on a different website.

Campaign traffic

Traffic that has been tagged by the marketing campaign.

Direct traffic

Direct traffic to your store that doesn’t have a known source.

analytics for ecommerce

Knowledge is power

The access to statistical information from all areas of your online marketing and sales activities is fundamental.


Understanding shifts in consumer behavior gives incredible insights into the demands of market.

Data-derived strategies

Knowing these things enables to drop certain products or make strategic changes in strategic pricing that will result in big gains.

analytics for ecommerce

Higher Conversions

Being able to test your e-commerce site is the next logical step for a profitable business that wants to raise its revenues.

Product-page strategies

  • Quality product image
  • Product description
  • Product videos
  • Free Shipping
  • Product reviews

Other strategies

  • Sales
  • Live Customer Support
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Upsell & Cross Sell
  • Urgency Tactics

DATA analysis


Beyond the vanity metrics (CTRs, social followers, etc) we’ll focus on realistic Key performance indicators (KPIs).

Understand what’s working

While it’s interesting to measure vanity metrics, useful indicators of performance, we focus on KPIs.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • CR = Conversion rate
  • CPA = Cost per acquisition
  • ROI = Return on investment
  • AOV = Average order value

Success Case

An engaging digital experience across the entire customer journey

This is a whole new chapter for my eCommerce business. After setting up my first store with PrestaShop CMS we faced a lot of difficulties dealling with the platform and the many modules. Mostly due to lack of knowledge both on IT and marketing our store was stucked. Working with THINK IT made our online business a breeze from the lauch day.

Sofia Gonçalves

Hair Stylist, COSMETICA24

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